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Sophie Castell, Searchlight Executive Coach

Executive coaching is a powerful tool that supports organizational change and goal attainment. We help executives and leaders who are:

· Seeking to develop new ways to address organizational challenges through fresh perspectives;

· Seeking to enhance their communication, leadership and collaboration skills;

· Looking to advance their development of competencies in Teamwork, Strategic Thinking and Relationship building;

· Seeking career development skills to advance within their organization.

Our executive coaching work is customized for each individual and is structured around the following core elements:

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Investing in your Team’s professional development through personalized Coaching improves retention and productivity, and substantially improves your overall corporate culture.

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Robin Athey, Searchlight Executive Coach



Executive Coaching drives Retention, Productivity & Career Advancement 


of companies report coaching programs were effective in increasing retention


of employees who do not receive regular coaching look for another job within 12 mths


of executives indicate coaching played a key role in the careers


increase in productivity was reported with coaching