The Art & Science of Hiring Great People

The Art & Sciences of Hiring Great People 

The Science

Over the last several years, there continues to be a proliferation of technology designed to help organizations more effectively manage their most important resource – namely their people.   New technology platforms, including ongoing advancement in Artificial Intelligence are certainly positively impacting certain processes and information metrics.  These include: replacing certain administrative tasks; generating employee feedback in real-time; communicating more effectively with employees; enhancing certain efficiencies; and automating certain business processes.  These all add value to an organization.

We refer to  these kinds of advancement as “Systems” in an Organization.

The Art  

Finding and keeping the right leaders, at every level of an organization, requires deeper insights  beyond data and metrics.  These insights are what we call the “Art” of Talent strategy.   It focuses on these questions:

1.    What is the “Purpose” of your company; the higher order of why you exist as a strategy for profit and growth based upon improving lives and impacting society?

2.     What Talent strategies need to be in place to achieve your Purpose?

3.    What is the environment in which you operate that impacts attracting and retaining Talent?

4.    How can your organization become more Agile and foster Innovation through building the right corporate culture?

5.    How do you reward Behavior that Aligns with the kind of work culture that you aspire to lead? 

 At Searchlight, we are often engaged with clients at the beginning of a process to find the right Talent for leadership roles.  We know that more often than not, “passive” candidates – people not looking for another job – represent the highest caliber of potential employees.  We also understand that cultural fit – not skill set or experience – is the single leading indicator of long-term success when hiring.  

 Talent Strategy , properly developed, enables organizations to achieve their business objectives by placing their Employees at the centre of their success. That is why so much attention needs to be placed on both the Hire & Inspire dynamics of your Team.

Mark Rubinstein